Constituency Councils must be disbanded before it’s too late!

28 Mar

Chris Sinckler Minister responsible for Councils

The two main political parties have accused each other of tricking the people on several different occasions and they are probably both right in their assessment. It seems that we have not settled down to run this country properly but we are continually in election mode. One can not help but get the feeling that more time is spent on election strategy than on policy formulation and implementation.

The main election gimmick that is now in full flight is the Constituency Councils project. As we had stated previously from the objectives set out in the legislation their mandate certainly is not to strengthen the communities. In fact it seems to be exactly what Government Departments are meant to do(distribution of social services) – but how can you seriously expect to do that with $1 million? The people using this formula would become even more dependent on the personal hand outs from politicians. And this is why these councils must be abandoned before they reverse the independence that education and landownership were supposed to bring.

[Before we get into this topic any further let us just state that we do not agree with Barbadians who express the view that because something happened before that it is a justification for a continued type of behaviour. Certainly it must be a part of our function on earth to seek to improve our circumstances.]

So another set of constituency Councils have been launched. We continue with this exercise even though we know that it will do Barbados’ democracy no good. We are entitled by now to a report on what these councils have achieved so far, how much money they have spent and on which projects. All of the evidence thus far points to the Councils being used in a very partisan way in order to reward individuals for their support. No doubt as we draw closer to elections they will be used to buy votes.

Barbados has reached a sad day in its history where “corn’ beef and biscuit” politics has become institutionalised and is being funded using taxpayers’ money as opposed to coming from the private sector. Word on the ground is that selected individuals are being called up to be offered “assistance” without any rhyme or reason. Those of us who live in constituencies with councils have no means of accessing the goodies which are on offer.

Anyone opposing DLP backed candidates (and I use this expression advisedly) in the next election will certainly have their work cut out for them. The BLP never came out against these Councils in the way that it should have done. Their reasons remain unclear. There is no objective vetting process in which people would engage in if they were getting small business assistance from one of the established agencies.

And the people of Barbados remain silent on these issues as they remain silent on so many issues.


3 Responses to “Constituency Councils must be disbanded before it’s too late!”

  1. Vicky March 28, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

    I heard the Prime Minister talking about putting a gun policy in place – but is this really the point? Isnt the point really about the bad behaviour – so we then will have to put a big stick policy or big roack policy in place of that becomes the weapon of choice.

    Isnt the doctor going to be disciplined? This matter does not only the concern of MPs – the entire nation is concerned!

  2. The People's Democratic Congress March 28, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    “Barbados has reached a sad day in its history where “corn’ beef and biscuit” politics has become institutionalised and is being funded using taxpayers’ money as opposed to coming from the private sector” – Taken from the above blog by Barbados Allegiance.

    One of the fundamental reasons why a future PDC Government shall ABOLISH TAXATION is for precisely this reason: that this nefarious UNCONSTITUTIONAL practice of DLP and BLP Governments over the years stealing countless portions of the incomes of the relevant people, businesses and other entities in this country and have been using some of the ill-gotten proceeds of such wicked diabolical actions to bankroll their own narrow private personal partisan political agendas and other ventures and missions – must come to an complete end.

    Too, almost every adult in Barbados must know by now that TAXATION is a very evil and wicked political financial process, that MUST GO. Indeed, there is no moral political legal or whatever kinds of justification whatsoever for its existence in this country. NONE WHATSOEVER!!

    As such, a PDC Government shall replace it with the “right” and legitimate strategies and programs that will help support the government’s earning its own revenues and paying its own bills.

    With regard to these stupid ineffectual constituency councils they are a waste of time and energy and are essentially being used to further entrench a ramshackled joke DLP politics in the minds of many of the broad masses and middle classes of people in this country.

    A future PDC Government shall instead make sure that real and substantial sovereign political power and rule are placed in the hands of the people of this country via the establishment of Constituency Assemblies – one each in every constituency – and which will decide debate and pass legislative laws of this country.

    So, Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


  3. Juniper March 29, 2010 at 7:13 am #

    You continue to write about Constituency Councils being bad – if they are so bad why isnt the Opposition saying so? I think that they need to be given a chance.

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