The UK Election Debate – hear about immigration

21 Apr

All three parties agreed that there was need for political reform. The one aspect that they seemed to agree on was the right of the people to recall MPs that are corrupt. In addition Labour emphasised the reform of the House of Lords where there would be an elected House and there would be no more hereditary peers. The Conservatives seemed to be more concerned with cutting MP’s salaries as well as the number of MPs. The Lib Dems seemed to be particularly concerned with party funding and cutting the cost of politics. These are all issues that are real to the Barbados electorate as well.


3 Responses to “The UK Election Debate – hear about immigration”

  1. The People's Democratic Congress April 27, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    Many of the BU commenters who have been reading many of our previous posts on here must have realized by now that we have little regard for so-called economists here in Barbados or any where else.

    This is fundamentally so because economists and economics together have been helping and – in some cases – conspiring to bring – through the governmental private sector policy organization and implementation process -prolonged suffering and misery to the broad masses and middle classes of people in Barbados and elsewhere.

    Indeed, we in the PDC have long stated that economics is the inverted political ideology, philosophy, and psychology of the caucasian man ( not defined now); and that this discipline called economics has long been used, and continue to be used, by him to help viciously exploit, oppress and suppress millions of his own people and milllions more of non-white peoples across this planet, whilst at the same time, historically and following directly from these political economic treacheries, he has been able ( in tandem with Western Finance ) to dastardly acquire – some times steal expropriate – significant accumulated amounts of wealth and income from others within his own societies and those societies of others.

    For us, economics is, therefore, in essence, a wicked corrupt shambolic subhuman type of ideology, philosophy and psychology.

    We have been at pains to let other Barbadians know that it is time enough that it is totally deemphasized in this country.

    Whereas, some of its theories and principles and applications make some sense ( Marginal Diminishing Return Theory, Comparative Advantage Theory, Balance of Trade and Payments), by and large, too many of these same economic theories, principles and applications do not make any sense whatsoever (TAXATION, INTEREST RATES, Demand and Supply, the misnotion of “price”, the misnotion of “inflation, ).

    What sickens though is that throngs upon throngs of black people across the world, and who have been and are part of those racial stocks that have over the centuries been at the receiving end of some of the caucasian man’s most disgraceful demaining and dehumanizing behaviour, have been sheepishly mulishly too buying into a lot of these crazy insensate economic ideas and principles.

    Take for instance, and right here at home in Barbados, there is a black person going by the name of Lindsay Holder who calls himself an economist and who would wish for others to call him so.

    Indeed, this political pipsqueak has now joined Owen Arthur, Clyde ‘ the glide” Mascoll, Anthony Wood, Darcy Boyce, Michael Howard, Frank Alleyne, Brian Francis, Justin Robinson, as some of those individuals in Barbados who we in the PDC have little or no respect for AS so-called economists – persons who have been and who are doing a great deal to prevent the broad masses and middle classes from becoming free becoming liberated from so much of this political economic bondage that they are in in Barbados partly as a result of the teaching and indoctrinating of economics, while at the same time these so-called economists – who are the ones largely doing the former – have been earning their pay from rendering and imposing a lot of this economic hogwash on a lot of unsuspecting uninitated esp. younger people in Barbados.

    Look at what Holder allegedly writes in the first sentence of an article – and so childishly ignorantly – in the latest issue of one of the local business newpapers, that: “Recessions come and go, and thus they are part and parcel of economic life” –

    Can any one imagine that such a supposedly educated man would be writing such foolishness for others to read?

    The facts of the matter are that recessions just dont happen like that as he so insouciantly suggested; they are CAUSED by some malevolent degenerate minds acting in conspiracy with other like minds in certain parts of this western world. Just check the story concerning the origins of the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the USA and see if that particular crisis was not CAUSED and see if it did not HELP EFFECT the recession in the US and recessions in some other countries.

    Too, any person reading this can just check what is alleged to have happened at Goldman Sachs during the same sub-prime mortgage crisis and see if they did or did not play a part in the financial crisis and by extension the recession in the USA.

    Why is it that some people – like the Queen of the United Kingdom did in this last international recession – have already realized that many economists are far from being able to predict when recessions will begin anywhere?

    Simply because they are caused by these dangerous political minds acting in political collusion plotting with one another about how to create them far way from the regular domains of almost all economists world o’er!!

    And economists reading up on the history of the causes of recessions will not help stop future recessions either because the causes and motivations behind the causes have been always different among themselves.

    Remember what the Brazilian President said some time ago about the causes of the last USA financial crisis cum USA recession cum international recession??

    But, back to this scribe or scribbler Holder and his article, what is also perturbing is that he was reported to have said that it is ineffective regulation that was a major factor that contributed to the current international financial crisis.

    What intellectual vagrancy!!!

    How on God’s earth could something have been caused by the ABSENCE of any such thing that is attributed as one of the causes that something. Therefore, to say that LACK OF PROPER REGULATION IN THE BANKING SYSTEM OF THE USA WAS A CONTRIBUTING CAUSE OF THE US OR INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS, when it was never possible for it to have caused the said crisis, is a streaming stunt of idiocy parading as rationality .

    It is even difficult to conclude that had there been proper regulation of such a system at that time of its occurrence, that such a crisis might have been avoided, primarily due to the ever prevailing inherent systemic weaknesses in the USA financial system and in the global financial system and yes due to the irrepressible greed and avarice of many persons universally, that are always capable of being manifested in any human driven system in various ways.

    Indeed, such anaemic bizarre portrayals of his do conjure up imageries of the big bang theory about how this universe was created!!!.

    But, Holder, like an unthinking dotish duck, seems to have regurgitated such piffle, after his having swallowed hook line and sinker some of what has been put across into the international media domain by esp. some intellectuals and academics in the USA, about some of the causes of the financial crisis in the USA.

    So, Holder is totally misleading many people out there with his brand of nonsense.

    What is even worse about him in this same article – which somehow is centered on the many lessons that can be learned from countries going through recessions from international, national, and individual standpoints – is that in a very sub-standard – deficient Looking Glass manner, he writes how that – despite contrary statements by some (wonder if he includes some other so-called economists in Barbados), the fundamentals of the Barbadian economy are good.

    What politicized unintellectualized gibberish!!

    The facts are that when any Barbadian economy that has entered it third year of depression after – according to recent Central Bank statistics – recording 0.2 % contraction in 2008, recording 4.8 % in 2009 – inspite of the wrongful manipulation of these particular figures by the Bank itself – owing to its so-called remeasuring of the size of the GDP – must indicate that at least many of its fundamentals are bad or badly performing.

    For instance, the Bank in its 2009 report of the performance of the Barbados economy stated that GDP contracted by 5.3%, the fiscal deficit widened to 8.4%; that the government debt to GDP ratio went from 90.8 percent to 110% at the end of 2009; the deficit on the current account of the Balance of Payments was 6.9%; Tourism fell by 8.7 5 in 2009; that private capital inflows plummeted; and that there were severe declines in construction, manufacturing and non-sugar agriculture.

    Certainly, what more information better than that would any one want to have to refute the nonsense that Holder hath spaketh!!

    As such Mr. Holder is wholly lying about such serious matters and deserves to be thrown into a den of lions to be eaten as their lunch for deliberately attempting to mislead and misleading what might have been so many of the uncritical readers of that foolishness that he has asserted in that article in that newspaper.

    Finally, for now, we ask as many Barbadians as possible to beware of ALL economists and their foolish inspirations as that – while they do NOT acknowledge it – they have clearly been playing an evil part in the caucasian man’s continued oppression of many of his own people as well as many other people’s world wide.

    So, Down with the Damn DLP that has got Darcy Boyce, Justin Robinson among other joke stupid economists in their camp, and down with the Blasted BLP that has got Owen Arthur, Anthony Wood and such other joke stupid economists in theirs too.


  2. James April 27, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    I had a look at booth debates and it is indeed interesting what is happening in the UK. I guess Nick is a new fresh face and it seems that in Western democracies people are getting tired of the same old brand of politics. Nevertheless I am going to predict a labour victory!!

  3. Albino Black May 8, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    And folks just remember dont listen to PDC they too is caucasian. They just wanna fool you in to something else equally mystic and uninteligible. Next they would have you believe they free us but we ourselves keep ourselves lock up even in 2010. Historically however we have had that tendancy. We were doing it to each other long before we knew of them. But we cant let them know that. Hopefully they dont know already.

    It does seem a good idea that the people have the ability to have recall on MP’s. Apply this to Bim however and we may only have the children left to run parliament. Who knows we might get more done!

    Albino Black

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