Barbadian Taxpayers foot Corruption Bill

17 May

This news first emerged earlier this month, but it must be repeated. The hope is that we stop paying attention, that these matters become so “everyday” so “run of the mill” that we start to believe that things can not change. We are referring to the Auditor General’s report that highlights the depth to which corruption has reached in Barbados. The focus on corruption has traditionally been on the political leaders in the country.

The Auditor General of Barbados Mr. Leigh Trotman has turned the glare of his spotlight on some staffers of the Electrical Engineering Department who in his view claimed “exorbitant” over time rates when compared with the usual overtime rates in Government. In his 2009 report he indicated that some staffers claimed as much as $1, 800 and others $2,500 per night during the last election, bringing the total claim to some $48, 500.

Mr. Trotman said that he also wanted a thorough investigation into how several imported vehicles were able to leave the Port without paying the duties necessary. The duties amount to some half a million dollars.

Somehow Barbadians do not seem to get it that the taxpayers foot the bill for this corruption and if the Government coffers run low because of this leakage it will ultimately result in higher taxes.

The list keeps getting longer and longer of the Government agencies where it has become quite the norm for individuals to pay officials something extra for doing their job or where they allow Barbadians to escape paying the taxes that are due under the law.


5 Responses to “Barbadian Taxpayers foot Corruption Bill”

  1. Vicky May 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    With all the things that are going on in Barbados I think that it is time that our leaders get together to thrash out these issues. How long will these things go on for – until they reach the point of no return. I know people that have had to pay extra money to get things done.

  2. Teresa May 19, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    I agree with you 100% but you can’t seem to get enough people to pay attention at the same time

  3. The People's Democratic Congress May 20, 2010 at 8:34 am #


    Sector takes a beating during ongoing recession

    By Donna Sealy

    Barbados’ construction sector is taking a hammering during this economic recession, with some companies barely keeping their doors open.

    Managers and owners of some of the country’s large and small businesses told Barbados TODAY that work was either at a standstill or nearly there and if it continued in this vein they would be forced to shut shop totally and send home the remaining staff they have on their payrolls.

    Roger Manning of Black Bess Quarry said they have laid off about 30 workers in the last month as there were “no new jobs coming in” and other projects they were working on had been completed.

    He noted they were working on the stalled Four Seasons project.

    “We’re supposed to be paid money that we were owed since January and we haven’t gotten any money yet and this caused us to have to lay off people”, Manning said.

    He said he could only hope that things would get better and that Four Seasons would be “sorted out” so that they could get the “millions of dollars” owed them.

    “Things are nearly at a standstill now – pretty slow. No new jobs coming up that we know, may be in the future but NOT immediately and of course while the grass is growing the horse is starving. We’re coping with great difficulty and one does not want to lay off staff, especially people who have been with you for a long time. We just need to have something jump started,” he stated.

    He further noted that managers taking a pay cut to keep workers employed would not make a difference.

    “Disastrous”, is how Ajax Construction’s Ronald Robinson summed up the situation, saying there was not a lot “you can see ahead at this moment”.

    “I’ve been through many recessive periods…. and this is the worst….. that I have come across as a business person, and I think a lot of people would have buckled under the pressure. We’re hoping that if some of us can see this through we will survive, but I dont know if we’re going to.”

    Having laid off more than half of his workers, he said he had loads of equipment parked in the yard, and he dreaded some mornings when he had to tell workers, some of whom worked for him “for years”, there was nothing for them to do.

    They were doing a “bit of trenching” in Coverley, Christ Church, finishing a house in Grazettes and there was zero work from the utility companies that he worked with in the recent past.

    He also said there were some morning when he dreaded coming to work and having to tell workers, some of whom had been with him for many years, there was nothing to do.

    Sean Dowding, owner of the eight-year old Axis Construction, said they diversified the business from construction three years ago and were now supplying sewerage treatment systems.

    He said that they had moved from 105 workers on their payroll in 2007 to 15 – the ones that started with the company.

    “The economy is definitely having a major impact on the construction industry. They’re a lot of people I know in the business who tell me every week that they’re just cutting back, because the jobs are not just coming in.

    “I feel if we don’t see a turn in the economy shortly or if things aren’t put in place to stimulate the economy, we’re going to see more companies, although we’re already seeing one or two, start to close their doors,” he said.

    Dowding noted that staff has taken pay cuts and work in some instances three or four days a week, but never fewer than three, but business was “extremely difficult”.

    Hadyn Arthur, from Arthur Construction, said “there is not much happening” and “there is simply no money coming in”.

    He said he too laid off under 50 of his workers earlier this year.

    “The whole problem is no money, and when there is…..nothing happening the banks don’t give you any assistance. I feel they (banks) should help more, probably by extending us the overdraft or giving some people some loans. We have to find some way of kick- starting the sector and getting it turning.

    “You will take in some water and try not to drown, ” he said.

    Innotech’s Construction Director, Andrew Adam, said they were still working on projects that had been running for a few months and noted they were a few in the offing, although “the tourism sector is still very quiet”.

    He said they had made “some reductions, some modifications” although “not major” and had streamlined their operations over a 12 to 18 month period and were using fewer sub-contractors.

    “What I think most large construction companies have done is they’re not using so many sub-contractors as they would normally and a lot of the work you used to get done with sub-contractors when you’re busy, you’re now doing with your core labour…,” Adam said.

    Taken from the Barbados Today 19th May 2010.

    It is clear from this story the construction sector is now in a far worse position – operationally, commercially, financially, etc. than it was in at this time last year 2009.

    Indeed, the very backward and downright foolish philosophies and policies of DLP and BLP Governments over the last 20 or so years are ultimately responsible for the very disastrously dire and depressed state in which the construction sector and many other productive sectors in Barbados find themselves in at this juncture.

    No doubt many people who normally work in the construction sectors and their families and those others who depend on them for a measure of survival are seriously terribly being affected by this very unhappy state of affairs in this vital industry.

    Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


  4. The People's Democratic Congress May 23, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    The vast majority of people in Barbados must get up now and do whatever is civilly necessary and right to bring greater freedom and democracy at all levels to the country.

    And they must see to it that in the long run they are able to save themselves and the country also from many of the evil, immoral and anti-democratic designs and utterances of those people esp. so-called DLP and BLP politicians – who have clearly long shown that they do not have their fundamental interests at heart.

    Take for instance, this very stupid idea by Government backbencher and Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society ( BAS), Mr. James Paul, for a CAPITAL GAINS TAX to be so-called placed on lands that were originally agricultural lands in Barbados, but for which town and country planning permission would have been granted for them to be used for other purposes, in an effort to discourage persons from taking agricultural land out of production ( See news story by Janelle Riley in the Barbados Advocate Newspaper – Sunday, 23 of May 2010

    It is clear that Mr. Paul is totally immoral and anti-democratic in this regard.

    He brazenly supports the government outrightly tyrannically stealing (TAXING) (more) from the incomes of those who are the rightful owners of legal rights to agricultural lands in this country, and who have had the proper town and country permission to sell these rights to other people – locals or foreigners – as an answer to those kinds of massive national problems.

    But, Mr. Paul is so intellectually paralysed that he seems to think that such a TAX can actually be placed on agricultural lands – rather than actually on the incomes of those who are the owners of the legal rights to those agricultural lands that he so speaks about – and that this monstrous ignorance can be done without the government’s violation of the incomes and property rights of the relevant individuals and other entities .

    What a dangerous political clown he is!!

    Moreover, the PDC remembers Mr. Paul being the only Parliamentarian – elected or non-elected – in recent years, who has been ever consistently vocal in his opposition to agricultural lands being taken out of agriculture in Barbados – only for them to be become fallow for years to come, or for them to be soon or eventually used by certain people for other purposes, and too in his opposition to the baleful practice of those who have rights to agricultural lands selling such rights to whomsoever.

    And, yes, we would have had to credit and commend him for the many positions that he would have taken with regard to such issues!!

    But, it is like we are running out of support for him in these regards as that he clearly fails to understand that one of the reasons why many of those lands would have become fallow or changed into other uses is precisely because of TAXATION on the incomes earned from the produce and provisons derived from the lands.

    And fails to understand too that another reason why those particular rights owners are obscenely selling off such land rights to the “every and the severy” must be because of TAXATION being levied on the incomes of those who are already owners of these rights to such agricultural land spaces, with such dreaded TAXATION completely undermining their powers and capacities as owners of the legal rights to such agricultural lands.

    NOW, for him to advance such a rank and distracting insensate idea is appalling.

    Anyhow, we are sure that his verbal opposition to the selling of legal rights to agricultural lands to locals and foreigners, and the taking of lands out of argriculture has taken him NO DAMN BLASTED WHERE, substantially because he has not led and carried out any systematic coordinated national program to stop these big lands space rights owners from doing such; and substantially because he has gotten into bed with a a dumb, dark ages DLP that has since its becoming at the helm of government again in this country, in January 2008, has been carrying on from where that former rogue BLP Government left off – of allowing a lot of Barbadian land spaces to be dastardly sold to foreigners and of allowing many more of our Barbadian agricultural land spaces to be casually taken out of agriculture.

    What is also clear is that there are massive contradictions between Mr. Paul’s words on these monumental issues, the fact that some of this country’s biggest land rights owners are taking many lands out of agriculture and are using them for tourism/ recreational and residential purposes, and the fact that they are doing it with the approval of this diabolical DLP Government – contrary to the Mr. Paul’s verbal opposition.

    So, realizing that he has gotten no BLASTED FRIGGING where, and that he cannot properly fight the C O Williams’, the Merchandanis, esp. since the same C O Williams is reportedly a big financial donor to DLP election coffers, he has decided to mouth off this stupid idea that makes no sense.

    And so rebarbative is this idea that we will NEVER see any sense in his wanting the citizens of Barbados – according to the said Barbados Advocate story – to benefit from the sale of such land rights, and at the same time his wanting this stupid capital gains tax idea (when seen in implementation) to discourage such land rights owners from disposing such agricultural lands.

    What twisted logic which is as just as twisted as he is but which is just as short as he is on many things logical!!!

    For, if this jackass DLP Government has been still giving the town and country planning department permission to take agricultural lands out of agriculture, and still allowing some persons and entities that have ownership of legal rights to agricultural lands to sell such rights to foreigners, how the hell like shit will such a TAX STEALING IDEA if implemented be sufficient to discourage them from doing those things, once they still could go and get authority to change the uses of such lands, sell such rights and later derive huge profits?

    How like arse????

    Would not the prospects of such huge profits be a major reason in their seeking to sell such rights too nevertheless?

    Our message is damned clear: the majority of people of Barbados must wake to hell up and realize that James Paul and others like him are clearly not representing and will never ever represent their fundmental interests, and therefore they must do every thing within their legal political power to stop James Paul and people like James Paul from being elected again in this country.

    For, he and people like him are for the government of Barbados continuing to wickedly rob and steal countless portions of incomes from the relevant people, businesses and others of this country.

    Also, James Paul and people like him are not doing enough critical thinking and they are not providing serious intellectual political leadership – which is what the majority of these people should be – to some degree – looking forward to from such elected parliametarians who though are simply becoming this way to largely continue with the status quo, and to largely use their House of Assembly positions to mainly obfuscate and delude many others about what they are really fundamentally all about when becoming elected parliamentarians.

    Finally, this majority of voters in Barbados must see to it that at the next general election in this country they vote for a PDC that intends whenever it becomes the government of this country – to stop the government from stealing from the incomes of the relevant people, businesses and others in this country; that intends to stop agricultural lands from being taken out of agriculture; and that, where necessary, intends to return any such lands to agriculture; and that intends to stop our Barbadian land space rights from being sold to foreigners.

    So, there you have it!!

    So, Down with Damned DLP and Blasted BLP Candidates!!



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