Nothing but political hot air …

24 Aug

Hon. Michael Lashley

Mrs. Marilyn Rice-Bowen did a brave thing in questioning the relationship of the Minister with responsibility for the NHC. The response has been to attack her from the precincts of Parliament – a privilege which Mrs. Rice-Bowen does not have as an ordinary citizen. And what has happened since then? The taxpaying public has no greater insight into what occurred and no one has been called to account. unfortunately this state of affairs has become the tradition as to how democracy is to be delivered in Barbados.

It would seem that it is no longer sufficient for the Taxpayers to rely upon political parties alone to be at the forefront of safeguarding their funds. If it is no longer politically expedient to carry forward this issue, who will do it for the Taxpayers? Clearly the laws are inadequate for keeping public officials in check. It is about time that we recognise that the conventions associated with the Westminster style of government do not apply to Barbados. They just do not work to keep Ministers in line. While the public accounts committee does its job the facility for initiating prosecutions seems to be ineffective. The Public Accounts Committee now has a tradition of being completely ineffective in addressing any issues of impropriety.

Barbados needs a new vision and mission in developing its democracy. The old systems are not working. The decent people who formed the bulwark against corruption are no longer there. It is time that the laws were implemented to change the direction in which Barbados seems to be heading.


One Response to “Nothing but political hot air …”

  1. The People's Democratic Congress August 29, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

    “It is time that the laws were implemented to change the direction in which Barbados seems to be heading.” Barbados Allegiance in the above lead thread.

    The above statement would be correct, if one correctly assumes that the country is leading the government.

    But, it would be wrong, if one falsely assumes that the country is leading the government, really.

    But, because the country actually never leads the government, it means that your premise is wrong and therefore your conclusion wrong – it is time that laws were implemented (premise), to change the direction in which the country seems to be heading (conclusion).

    Moreover, the country does NOT PASS OR OWN the laws of the government itself, it is the government that does pass and own such within this Westminster system.

    The above cited statement would also be correct, if one correctly assumes that all that is wrong is that of the direction in which the country is heading.

    But, would be wrong though if one falsely assumes that with the historical and current make up, socially, politically, etc., of Barbados, these make ups and their functions do not already have an impact and are continuing to have an impact on where the government and the country heads.

    But because they actually already and still do, it means that your premise is false and your conclusion is bound to be false.

    There are segments within the make up of the country, that determine or influence much of the law making process in Parliament.

    But if one means that the government needs to have a number of specific laws to change at least one of the directions of the government itself and by extension to change part of the direction of society, then that would be better off than falsely assuming that the country leads the government, and would be better off too than thinking that if it were being thought that by simply getting new people, with even new ideas about some specific laws that are needed to change at least one direction in which the government/country has been heading – away from the same old DLP/BLP foolishness that is being blogged above, then that would be enough (even before studying the impact of these laws implementation) to bring about change in the direction in which the government and, by extension, the direction in which some parts of the country would be going in without even having due consideration for the structural and psychological make up of this society and their similar and different effects upon the different segments of society itself.

    That latter paragraph must be partly true/false – you determine which.

    But before we get there, there must be a new political culture developed in this country that largely speaks to the removal of both DLP and BLP from the political landscape of this country.

    In that way we are looking at replacing part of the very worthless useless traditional partisan political make up of the country.

    The good thing is that this culture has long been developing. There must be a newer breed of political people that must fill the positions of both DLP and BLP in parliament. These people that are on course to take the places of the DLP/BLP must be morally, politically, financially and otherwise supported in significant ways by many others before, at the time of, and after taking up positions in the parliament of the country.

    And this particular evolving political culture and thinking of the people must point towards a deepening and solidifying of an understanding and acceptance of this perspective.

    By deepening and solidifying such the political social and other make ups of the country would have been changed long before laws are needed to change the direction in which the government and the country go, simply because like Barbados Allegiance is doing now – blogging about the need for change in certain accountability laws, the direction in which the government and the country is somewhat changing at the same time at this moment.

    The attitude outlook must surely be developed more about ridding the DLP and BLP from this political landscape, and looking to get other parties into the parliament of this country.


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